Jake Reardon

As the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Haddon Planning Group, Jake brings over 25 years of experience as a registered investment advisor.  Jake also manages the National Sales Division at BCG Securities, in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Jake is also the owner of Argat Financial Group, a successful advisory firm located in Philadelphia.

Jake enjoys helping his clients achieve their financial planning goals, by providing advice on Investment Planning; Insurance Planning; Tax Planning; Retirement Planning; Estate Planning; Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Planning; and Educational Savings Planning. He takes a holistic approach to investing through a conscientious process to gain a complete understanding of his client’s goals, lifestyle, and risk tolerance. By building long term relationships, he is able to assist his clients with well defined goals and a strategic roadmap to achieve them.

Jake, his wife and two children reside in Wynnewood, PA. Jake is a former triathlete, Iron Man participant and was also on the USA National Team for Dragon Boat in Philadelphia. Currently, he is training with the Fairmont Rowing Association out of Boathouse Row in Philadelphia. Jake is a national spokesperson / trainer for essential company initiatives, has a strong passion for helping others and is active in the community.